Thursday, 10 November 2011

Still here!

I'm still here! I haven't forgotten about my blog. But it's been, well...BUSY. We went to Canada, and came back from Canada (total of 21 hours of flying and an 8 hour time difference = not so much fun). Things have been busy at Paying Work. And I've been sewing up a storm trying to get things made for my one and only craft fair of the year, this Saturday.

I have a not so good history with craft fairs. This will be my fourth. The first one, I sold £12. The table cost me £25. The second I sold nothing - again, the table was £25. The third I sold £16, so really not too bad. But not enough so that I could quit Paying Work and start up as an independent sewing type. I swore no more craft fairs and yet when this one came along... I couldn't say no.

So wish me luck for Saturday. Photos to come after the event. And in the meantime, does anyone have any brilliant ideas of little things that can be made for Christmas presents for the lovely ladies who work at the childrens' nursery? I'm stumped.

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