Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy happy tidy tidy!

Oh what happiness! My 'sewing room' has, for the past year, been our dining room table. Over time, my stuff has sprawled, covering not only the table but also the seats of all four chairs. We've been eating on our knees in front of the television. There is no room to paint, or play playdough, or really do any of the things I should be doing with the wee ones when I'm not neglecting them to make a quilt, or trousers, or bunting.

But today, all that changed. A quick trip to Lakeland Plastics while they napped resulted in two purchases: a Chubby trolley (I find it hard to resist things with 'chubby' in the name) and a set of 3 plastic shoe boxes. And now, everything is lovely and tidy and neatly tucked away!

Does this mean I can go buy more stuff now?

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